Thursday, July 21, 2011

Whitney Museum Today

I did a search on Bruce's Journal and saw that we had been to the Whitney Museum in June 2007 and August 2010.  One advntage of getting older is that I can begin to take advantage of senior citizen discounts.  Since I am now 62, I was able to save $6 on admission to the museum.  We saw a handful of exhibitions:
  • Cory Arcangel: Pro Tools -explores the forms of expression enabled by high tech products
  • Lyonel Feininger: At the Edge of the World - the works of this artist who lived from 1871-1956 were featured.
  • More than That - Films by Kevin Jerome Everson - these films portrayed the working class African Americans
  • Breaking Ground: The Whitney's Founding Collection - the works here were purchased at the time of the museum's founding in 1931
  • Xavier Cha:Body Drama - the gallery is a stage where an actor/actress performs while wearing a body mounted camera.  In between performances  the footage of the performance is projected on the wall.
While the Getty Museum that we visited in LA a few weeks ago featured European Art older than 100 years, the Whitney features more contemporary American art.

We found out that there is a new building for the Whitney now under construction in the Meet Packing section of Manhattan.  It is scheduled to open in 2015.

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