Friday, July 22, 2011

Radio Station T-Shirts

If I had one t-shirt for every radio station that I listen to, I wouldn't have room for any clothes.  Above is a photo of yours truly wearing a Pop Gold Radio t-shirt that I bought to help out Don Tandler and Tom Lawler.  Let me recall some other t-shirts in my collection:
  • WFUV - it is my pleasure to give a yearly donation to support them
  • WBGO - Likewise, this shirt is specifically for Felix Hernandez's Rhythm Revue
  • WCBS-FM - Back in 2007 when the station returned I sent them a suggestion to have news at :30 during Dan Taylor's morning show.  Karen actually heard Dan read my suggestion while I was listening to WFUV.  The didn't take my suggestion, but sent me the shirt
  • WMCA - this is a replica of the original WMCA Good Guy Sweatshirt

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