Saturday, July 16, 2011

Format change at WRXP 101.9 FM - Facts vs Speculation

I never listened to WRXP since it came to 101.9 FM in February 2008.  At that point I did listen to smooth jazz CD101.9 (WQCD) and was disappointed with the format change.  As I mentioned a few posts ago there has been much written on this format change on various radio message boards.  I would like to state what I believe is fact and what is speculation.  If I am incorrect, please comment.

  • 101.9 will be sold from Emmis Communications to Merlin Communications.  In the meantime there is a local marketing agreement that took effect yesterday that now permits Merlin to operate the station.
  • As of today 101.9 is playing an adult contemporary format branding itself New York 101.9 New.  There are sometimes comments by women on lifestyle issues.  This is only heard over the air in NYC
  • The web stream is playing the old format
  • I have not heard an official ID by the RDS stream still says WRXP
  • Smooth Jazz is heard on 101.9 - HD2
  • Several staffers from WINS have left to join the new radio station
  •  The station will be all news
  • The station will be news/talk aimed at women
  • The station will play music on weekends possibly country music
  • The station will take the calls WYNY
  • The station will take the calls WEMP
  • The new format will start Monday July 18th at 6 AM
  • The new format will start Monday August 1
Any radio geeks reading this are welcome to make comments.  A format change in a major radio market does generate interest, but it often difficult to separate facts from speculation.  We will have to listen and hear what happens.


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