Friday, July 15, 2011

Radio Message Boards - Informational or Just Gossip

I will make my comments general and not point fingers at anyone.  I started reading radio message boards back in the early 1990s when I first got on the internet. Some people are hobbyists like myself while others are professionals in the business.  Some of the boards are:
  • Radio Usenet Group - now defunct
  • New York Radio Message Board
  • WCBS-FM AOL Board - Now defunct
  • Radio-Info Board
  • Radioinsight board
  • New York Radio Sound Board on Facebook
Back in the earlier days I posted more frequently on the boards, but I have cut down dramatically.  I now look at them for informational purposes.  It is quite useful when new developments are posted.  But unfortunately many of the posters can be obnoxious or just plain silly.  This is a very busy time on the message boards with the impending format change on WRXP.  Some of the posters are hobbyists who just have a fantasy about being in the radio business who make very silly speculative posts.  I do not like people who are obnoxious and just hide behind a handle.  Even when a poster uses just a first name, he is still anonymous.

Once the format change is actually made, all the amateurs will make criticisms and predictions.  I guess that is the way it will always be.

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