Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Yankees 10 Mariners 3

When you buy tickets in advance for an outdoor event, you never know what the weather will be that day.  At about 3 PM it started to rain lightly, but steadily.  When I left work it still rained as I took the trains up to Yankee Stadium.  As I arrived at 6:15 to meet Karen and Lee it rained lightly as the tarp was on the infield.  At 8:10 it was announced that the game would start about 9:00.

The Yankees took charged as they defeated the Mariners 10 to 3 giving Seattle it's 16th straight loss.  The game featured home runs by Mark Texeira and Derek Jeter.  We left after 6 innings with the Yankees having a commanding 9-1 lead.  I don't like leaving games early, but the trains and buses run much less often late at night.

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