Friday, July 1, 2011

Good Luck to Big Tom Lawler and Don Tandler with Pop Gold Radio

The two photos above were taken at the Long Island Radio and TV Day in April 2010 with yours truly and Don Tandler (top) and Big Tom Lawler.  I must admire both of them for their enthusiasm for oldies radio.  They started a new internet radio station today called Pop Gold Radio .  On their first day they are counting down the WABC Top 1000 Hits Of The 60s.  Don, along with Mike Riccio, Tom Natoli, Rich Appel, and Bob Radil among others are known as the chart guys, so I expect many countdown shows on this station.

Don is currently heard on weekends on New Jersey 101.5 from Trenton.  His long career in radio includes time at many radio stations.

You may read Tom Lawler's blog at .  His bio may be found at

Tom is actually only 23 years old, the same as my son Lee.  Tom is to oldies radio as Lee is to Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan and the Wheel of Fortune.

I certainly will add Pop Gold Radio to the long list of my favorite internet radio stations.  I hope that the Dean of Oldies Listeners, Alan Berman will do the same.

There are so many things that I'd like to do tonight:
  1. Watch the Subway Series and see the Mets kill the Yankees.  Don is a big Met fan, but for some reason Tom roots for the Red Sox.  I won't hold that against him.
  2. Listen to Bob Radil 60s 70s show.
  3. Listen to Alan Seltzer's 35th Anniversary show on WCWP
  4. Listen to Pop Gold Radio
Since I am home today, I can watch Jeopardy on Channel 55 at 5 PM.

Good Luck to Tom and Don.

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