Thursday, April 29, 2010

WABC Rewound is gone

I am going to assume that readers of this journal entry are all radio enthusiasts so I won't explain what is WABC Rewound. Allan Sniffen, moderator of the New York Radio Message Board, announced in his board reflections podcast that this program will not be heard on 770 AM or online this year. It was heard on Memorial Day on the station from 1999-2008, while only mp3 files were made available in 2009. Allan announced that on Memorial Day weekend he will play back airchecks done over the past 10 years on his Rewound Radio.

It is possible that new airchecks made by collectors have surfaced over the past year, but the management of WABC radio has retired the show. I am probably repeating what I said a year ago is that we must think about this in a logical way. Over the years the euphoria over Rewound has waned. The station can not program to the radio geeks who are a small number. I am not in the radio business, but I presume that few people listen to talk radio on a major summer holiday. Apparently, WABC feels it can make more money by airing reruns of their regular weekday programming.

I like thank Johnny Donovan, Peter Kanze, Rob Frankel and many others for making it possible over the years. Thanks to Allan Sniffen for providing it this year online.

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