Saturday, April 17, 2010

Long Island Radio and TV Day at CW Post

Today we went to the Long Island Radio and TV Day at CW Post on Long Island. The first nice thing was meeting many of my fellow radio enthusiast friends:
  • Alan Berman
  • Linda Cohen
  • Mary Shaw
  • Paula Ross
  • Andrea Wiener
  • Bill Dillane
  • Larry Stoler
  • Alan Seltzer

I also met several people in the radio business for the first time. Many of them are Facebook friends:

  • Don K Reed - Former WCBS-FM radio personality (see photo above)
  • Don Tandler - WHTG (AM) The Breeze and Thunder 98.5 under the name Kris McNeil
  • Big Tom Lawler - WMTR
  • Pete Fornatale - WFUV (see photo above)
  • Tony Warren - former WCBS-FM newsman
  • Keith Allen - B-103
  • Famous Amos - WCBS-FM - he is a cousin of Barbara Kebbekus who retired a few years ago as a chemistry rofessor at NJIT

There were many other people in the radio business. I would have like to have met Ted David, but he was really busy everytime I saw him. There are more photos of mine at They are also posted to my Facebook account.

I also met Clay Cole there. I had met him back in November at the Beatles show in Stamford, CT

The highlight of the day was hearing Pete Fornatale talk about Woodstock. He played a short tape of his doing a commercial on WNEW-FM for Woodstock in July 1969. The funniest thing was a video he played of Joe Cocker singing With a Little Help From My Friends at Woodstock. Much of his singing was garbled, so video had some funny lyrics in the song. Pete debunked a story that there were babies born at Woodstock.

It was a very enjoyable day.

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