Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Me, The Mob and The Music by Tommy James

I was able to pick up this book at the local public library. People listen to music all of the time, but don't realize what goes on behind the scenes. This autobiography traces Tommy James (born Tommy Jackson) from his childhood in Niles, Michigan to his rise and fall as a rock star. Hanky Panky was a local hit on a small label, but launched Tommy's career. Tommy became involved with Morris Levy, the President of Roulette Records who had mob connections. For a while Tommy had to carry a gun with him because he was afraid the mobsters would get him. I highly recommend this book to my oldies enthusiast friends. My only complaint is that the book stops at 1989, so readers don't know what has done professional over the last 20 ears. Recently, he has been interviewed on several radio shows about the book.

For a number of years WCBS-FM played his hit Mony Mony to death. I had to turn off the radio or change the station every time it came on, since I was so tired of hearing it. It was never a bad record, it was just overplayed.

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