Monday, April 5, 2010

Opening Day of the Baseball Season 2010

After a very snowy winter, the baseball season is finally here. The Yankees opened last night at Fenway Park against the hated Red Sox. We were home last night and watched most of the game. Those Yankee-Red Sox matchups are always very long. Both teams work out long counts and foul off many pitches. I just hate it when the manager takes out the pitcher after one batter. Anyway the Yankees lost 9 -7.

Game Summary
The Mets were more successful as they beat the Florida Marlins 7-1. The Mets have now won 32 of their last 41 openers after losing their first 8. It is a good start, but there are still 161 games left. The starting rotation after Johann Santana will likely be inconsistent this season.

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