Friday, April 9, 2010

Random Thoughts of the Day

Today the boss took 4 people in the NJIT library to lunch who had birthdays in March or April.

Congratulations to Jeremy Garritano of Purdue University for earning tenure and being promoted to Associate Professor.

I recieved the following items in the mail today:
  • Soundtrack CD of the musical Memphis that we will see on April 24
  • Johnny Maestro and the Brooklyn Bridge's Greatest Hits
  • Neil Sedaka's new CD

Umpire Joe West complained that Yankee-Red Sox games take too long. I must agree with him. How many times must the catcher have to run out to consult with the pitcher. Why must the batter call time so often? A good pitcher should know how to through to right and left handed batters.

Associate Justice John Paul Stevens has announced his retirement from the Supreme Court. There will obviously be a big fight when the president announces his nominee.

Have a nice weekend everybody.

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