Sunday, April 18, 2010

At least the Mets won this game

The Mets have played some bizarre games in their history. In the first 11 games of this season the pitching seems to be good, but the hitting is from hunger. You can read the details in this recap as the Mets beat the St. Louis Cardinals 2-1 in 20 innings. I think this time it was the Cardinals that couldn't capitalize when they had runners in scoring position. The Mets had only 9 hits in 20 innings. The Cardinals actually used 2 position players as pitchers. That is a rarity.

Perhaps the rules in Major League Baseball should be changed to allow for players to return to a game after they are taken out. Baseball is the only sport where a player is disqualified when he leaves a game. Hockey (the shoot out to break a tie), pro football (the 2 point conversion after a touchdown) and basketball (the 3 point goal) have made major rule changes over the years. Perhaps baseball can make some changes as well.

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