Monday, January 19, 2009

WABC Radio gets a new program director

It was reported on the New York Radio Message Board that Laurie Cantillo was appointed Program Director at WABC a few months after Phil Boyce resigned. There is some concern among the Saturday Night Oldies (SNO) enthusiasts that a new program director could cancel the show. I still enjoy it, though I usually have to juggle SNO, Cousin Brucie, and a ball game on TV on a typical Saturday night. If SNO is cut short due WABC's programming committments to sports, I can easily find something else to do, while there may be a few nebishes out there who go into mourning.

Anyway, whenever a new boss comes on the scene, he/she is very likely to come in and make changes. Ms. Cantillo could a purist and say she doesn't want music on a talk radio station and would cancel SNO and WABC Rewound every Memorial Day. She apparently is not a native New Yorker and may take time to appreciate the heritage of the station. I sugggest that SNO enthusiasts wait a while until she is settled in her new position and write to congratulate her and encourage her to keep SNO and Rewound.

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