Sunday, January 25, 2009

Radio Notes for Saturday and Sunday

I have publically stated that I refuse to be a prisoner of my apartment every Saturday night to listen to the entire 4 hours of Saturday Night Oldies. As stated in my previous entry I took the family to see Queens College basketball. I was able to listen to the beginning and end of it. I reviewed the official message board and noticed that Mark Simone played a parody of the Patty Duke Show theme by Bob Dylan. There is a very devoted listener who uses the anonymous handle Medium Wave Dx and posts an MP3 of the show. I listened to it and knew right off the bat that is was an imposter imitating Dylan singing that theme song.

Every Sunday morning I like to hear the archived version of Sounds of the 60s with Brian Matthew on BBC2. For some reason the show was not yet posted. I'll look for it tonight or later in the week. Right now I am listening to American Top 40 of January 25, 1971 on the 70s channel from XM Radio. I used to enjoy listening to Casey Kasem's countdown which was heard on various radio stations in NYC over the years. Right now I am listening to the lower part of the survey which includes records that are rarely heard on oldies radio today.

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