Wednesday, January 7, 2009

25 Random Things about Me

There is a thread on Facebook about this, so I'll post here which will be imported into Facebook anyway. I'll try to think of things that are not obvious.

1. I actually was born in Brooklyn but moved to Queens when I was 2 years old.
2. I was named for my grandfather Baruch Wagman.
3. I went to P.S. 139 Queens
4. I lived near the Woodhaven Blvd. subway station in Rego Park, Queens
5. My father was a manager of a woman's clothing store.
6. I went to JHS 190 also known as Russell Sage Junior High School
7. I was a terrible athelete. I used to cry when the kids didn'twant to play ball with me.
8. Only July 15, 1957 I went to Ebbets Field to see the Dodgers beat the Braves 20-4.
9. Right now I am listening to Outlaw County on XM/Sirius Radio.
10. Today we had our annual reference retreat.
11. My favorite TV show of all times is Car 54 Where are You?
12. My favorite TV show of the 70s was All in the Family.
13. When I was a chemistry student, I hated thermodynamics.
14. I had a perfect 4.0 index as a student of library and information science.
15. I just said goodnight to my son Lee.
16. I am listening to the Bob Dylan song Idiot Wind on Outlaw Country.
17. My favorite saying is "Is there anything else for the good of the order?"
18. I dislike people who talk too much.
19. On a work day I wake up at 6:10 AM
20. I wish New Jersey Transit could devise a more modern and efficient method of collecting fares on the trains.
21. Tom Seaver is my favorite Met player or all time.
22. Mickey Mantle is my favorite Yankeer player of all time.
23. I just hate spreadsheets.
24. I hate people who compile meaningless statistics
25. The lowest point in my life was the two years I lived in New London, CT.

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Harry N said...

Impressive list, Bruce.

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