Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Citifield - We Will Be There

For several seasons we bought 7 game packages for games at Shea Stadium. Today I bought a 15 game package for the new Citifield. We will be sitting in the upper deck just past 3rd base. The seating capacity for Shea Stadium was 57,000 while Citifield only has 45,000 seats which will obviously create a big demand for tickets. The only plans that are available are for 15 games, 40 games or the entire season. We picked a plan for 10 Saturdays and 5 games during the week. We paid $920 which meant about $20/ticket per game which is not too bad since the fans have to pay the big player salaries. I can always sell tickets to friends if there is a game or two that I can't make.

I think this situation is unfair to people who just may want to go to a few games each season. I don't know how many seats will be available on a single game basis. Anyone can use a service like Stub Hub and sell tickets for a big profit. It is only illegal to sell tickets near the venue, so fans may have to pay big bucks for tickets.

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