Monday, January 26, 2009


Common sense goes a long way be it with face to face or electronic communication.

Flaming is a form of verbal abuse when you intentionally attack or disrespect somebody for whatever reason. Maybe you didn't agree with something they said, but there's a nice way to share a different point of view without name calling or attacking someone. Harassing or insulting someone will not likely help you gain many online friends!

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In the 16 years I have been on the internet I have met some very nice people who share my interests. Some of these relationships have become real while others remained electronic. Some of them have become long term friendships. For the first time a real "turkey" (and that is being polite) really flamed me unnecessarily.

To make a long story short after he objected a post of mine on a message board, he sent me three extremely nasty e-mails since he had no posting privileges on that board. He has a right to disagree with me, but he did it in a very nasty and crude way. He even found this journal and bashed me on many of my postings that he thought were silly. If he doesn't like my journal, there are millions of other sites on the web he can visit. He should keep his comments to himself. Believe me I have seen plenty of silling posting on various message boards. If I see it, I just go somewhere else and not contact the poster.

I have been intentionally very vague here. If anyone wants the details, please contact me privately.


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Harry N said...

Bruce, the best way to deal with these mindless cowards is to simply delete their emails.

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