Thursday, January 22, 2009

Audio Cassette Players

I must be one of the last people who still has an audio cassette player. Back in the 1990s I collected and traded audio tapes of radio stations all over the country. I still have audio tapes of recording artists that were popular before CDs took over. I used to take my portable AM/FM radio cassette player/recorder when I visited other cities to tape the radio stations. I have hundreds of tapes in my collection. About twice a month I take my tape player to listen to the tapes on my way to work. This morning when I checked my tape player, there was a problem with the stop switch. The only way I could turn it off was to take out the batteries. There is always a weak point in any product and with electronics it is usually a switch. It is not worth it to get repaired so I ordered a new radio/cassette player as featured above.

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