Saturday, January 3, 2009

There May be Scott Muni WABC Airchecks available

For readers of this journal who are not radio enthusiasts Scott Muni was one of the greatest radio personalities in New York history and rightfully called the Professor. He appeared on WMCA, WABC, WOR-FM, WNEW-FM, and WAXQ during his distinguished career. For about 10 years WABC plays recordings (airchecks) of radio shows done during its Top 40 days (1960-82) on Memorial Day. This show called WABC Rewound is produced by Johnny Donovan and Rob Frankel. There were shows done by many WABC DJs, but only a very short tape of Scott Muni has surfaced until now. There is a posting on the Radio-Info board by an anonymous poster with the moniker Radio Truth saying that he has a 1961 WABC Scott Muni aircheck. I immediately notified Rob Frankel. Hopefully, this tape will be heard in May 2009.

People in cyberspace often chose to be anonymous and that is certainly their prerogative. About a year ago Radio Truth really bashed Saturday Night Oldies. Another anonymous poster (I know who he is) named Oldiesking or SNOFAN1 really gave it to Radio Truth. If Oldiesking were told that he could have a date with Jennifer Anniston every Saturday night, he would turn it down to listen to every second of Saturday Night Oldies. To each his own.

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Bruce S said...

I found out that Rob Frankel contacted Radio Truth and found out that the quality of the Scott Muni aircheck was poor.

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