Thursday, December 28, 2023

Theme Sets on the Radio


Over the years I have listened to many theme sets on radio shows.  My favorite has to be the Theme Time Radio Hour with Bob Dylan as the host. Some of the themes were:
  • Baseball
  • Mother
  • Weather
  • Drinking
  • Jail
I assume that Dylan picked the songs.

Bob Radil had his 60s 70s show which unfortunately has been on hiatus for over four years.  Hopefully, it will return soon.  Bob always featured a fourth-hour theme with suggestions offered by listeners.

Back in the day, there was a WCBS-FM Hall of Fame show hosted by Bob Shannon in the evening.

WFUV in radio industry jargon is described as an Adult Album Alternative (AAA) station.  They play many genres of current and older music.  There is a feature on Corny O'Connell's morning show called Question of the Day.  He suggests many themes, as listeners make suggestions on social media. Only 4 or 5 are played at 9:15. Obviously, listeners are frustrated when their suggestion is not selected.  I suggest expanding this feature to include 8-10 songs.  Some of the recent  themes were:
  • Good Riddance
  • The End
  • Boxes or Boxing
  • Winter 
  • Harmony Singing
  • Wishes
  • Lists

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