Sunday, December 31, 2023

Some Memories about New Years Eve

  • I remember that single girls were reluctant to be seen on New Year's Eve as they were "advertising" that they couldn't get a date.
  • In 1968 my date got sick and had to cancel.  I went to a show at Radio City Music Hall with a friend.
  • In 1970 I double-dated as we saw Love Story in a theater near Times Square.  The movie ended after midnight.  It showed on the way home.
  • In 1975 when I lived in New Brunswick, NJ I went to the world's worst party.  The girls just wouldn't talk to us. They didn't have to pair off, but at least be a little sociable.
  • This was in 1979 when Queens Bnai Brith Singles had a New Year party at somebody's house. Thirteen guys and no girls came.  They didn't want to advertise that they were not dating anyone.
  • I can't remember doing anything special when I was married to Karen.  We either went to dinner at a local restaurant or a movie.


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