Friday, December 1, 2023

Random Thoughts of the Day December 1, 2023

Better late than never as George Santos was finally expelled from the House of Representatives. IMHO the fact that he lied about his background and credentials to the voters of his district should have been enough to deny seating him last January.  The Republicans wanted to keep him as their majority in the House was razor thin.  There will soon be a special election in that district to fill that seat.  The 100+ Congressman who voted against expulsion should also be kicked out of Congress.  I expect the utmost integrity from all elected and appointed government officials.

It is sad that money controls who is elected to office.  A well-qualified person cannot attain an office if he/she cannot raise funds.  I would not give one penny to anyone running for office.  Speaking of fundraising, I have donated to several charities regularly.  These include cultural institutions, radio stations, medical organizations, and institutions providing food.  Once you donate, they hit you up for more money almost immediately by snail mail, email, and phone calls.


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