Thursday, December 21, 2023

Proposed Rules in Major League Baseball In My Opinion Would Not Make a Difference

The Competition Committee made up of six owners, four players and an umpire voted to approve a series of rules changes:
  • Pitchers would have to pitch within 18 seconds with runners on base.  This is reduced from 20 seconds.
  • Batters will now have a wider lane to run down to first base. This lane would now include the cut of the infield grass.
  • The number of mound visits allowed will be reduced from five to four. An extra mound visit will be awarded in the ninth inning if the defensive team has zero remaining at the end of the eighth inning.
  • The pitch clock will now restart after a dead ball when the pitcher receives the ball and play is ready to resume. Previously, the clock began only when the pitcher was on the mound. 
  • A pitcher who warms up at the start of an inning must face at least one batter.
Tony Clark stated that the Players' representatives voted against the changes.

I am curious if this has been finalized.  In my opinion, these rule changes would not make a difference.


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