Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Random Thoughts of the Day December 6, 2023

Taylor Swift was name Time Magazine's Person of the Year.  Did she dominate the headlines this year?  I think the people at Time just didn't want to name anyone political this year as it would generate controversy.  In 1964 Lyndon Johnson was Time's Person of the Year, but didn't the Beatles  dominate the headlines more that year?

I still have crazy dreams about going back to the past.  Last night I dreamed about being at a singles dance.  They are now passe as dating apps have replaced dances as a means of getting dates.

The Mets have made a few minor roster moves so far.  It seems that there has not yet been major transactons as teams are waiting to see what happens with Otani and Yamamoto.  I think the Yankees should be careful about trading for Juan Soto as he can declare free agency after the 2024 season.  He turned down a contract for $440 Million over 15 years from the Washington Nationals.


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