Saturday, February 20, 2016

Vinny the Great Must Get on Regular Jeopardy

Vinny's run on Sports Jeopardy finally ended at 15 victories. He is certainly a walking encyclopedia of trivia in baseball, football, basketball, hockey, soccer, olympics, and last but not least boxing.  Who is Max Schmeling was the correct Final Jeopardy answer, which Vinny got correct, but was trailing Jay Sullivan who was the winner.  Even though I don't know much about boxing I got the final question right.

Vinny with his 15 victories is in very good company with Jeopardy champs:

  • Ken Jennings - 74 wins
  • Dave Madden - 20 wins
  • Julia Collins  - 19 wins
There were some very good players like Brad Rutter, Jerome Vered, Frank Spangenberg and many others who had to leave since before 2004 there was a limit of 5 victories.  There were some excellent players in Season 1 on Sports Jeopardy, but they were limited to one victory.

Both knowledge and luck are involved in being a winner on Jeopardy.  It is easy to shout answers at the TV, but one must ring in at the right time and beat the other contestants.  There is luck invovled in the categories selected and the skills of the opponents.

I am sure that Vinny who got a good education at NJIT and Purdue would do very well in regular Jeopardy and hopefully will get on the show.  The difference is the categories can be anything from A to Z.

Good luck Vinny in all you future endeavors.  If you ever visit NJIT, please stop by the library.  I promise I won't give you another tour of the library or lecture you about the databases we have.  I will try to stump you with New York Mets trivia.

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