Friday, January 18, 2013

Wheel of Formats on 94.7 FM

WFME at 94.7 FM which is licensed to Newark, NJ had been a religious radio station for many years until it was recently sold to Cumulus Broadcasting.  One week ago the deal was completed and 94.7 FM simulcasted WPLJ also owned by Cumulus as the call letters were changed to WRXP.  Of course this created much speculation and hundreds of posts on the various radio message boards.  WRXP were recently the call letters of an alternative rock station at 101.9 FM.

Starting this afternoon 94.7 started airing the Wheel of Formats where they would play a different music format for a few minutes.  They announced that the new format will be revealed at 9:47 Am on Monday.

Stay tuned

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