Monday, January 28, 2013

Random Comments of the Day

The weather was really crappy today.  It started to snow in the morning and then changed to rain.  At least the cold snap ended.  With the exception of the last week, this has been a mild winter.

The iPhone5 uses the IO6 operating system.  I found out today that one can consolidate apps by placing them in a folder.  It was very useful to put all of my radio apps in one folder.

By listening to Breakfast with the Beatles with Dennis Mitchell I found out there will be a festival honoring George Harrison on February 16 in Fair Haven, Massachusetts.

One of the most popular Bob Dylan albums is Blood on the Tracks released in 1974.  A group called Mary Lee's Corvette covered the entire album.  The celebrate the 10th anniversary of the cover album the group is playing this Wednesday night at Joe's Pub in lower Manhattan.  I would go if this show were on a weekend, but it is just too inconvenient to go during the week.

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