Thursday, January 10, 2013

Random Thoughts on a Thursday Evening

It's always a good feeling to get the final Jeopardy question correct when all 3 contestants missed it.  The category was legal terms.  The answer - The French term for truth. [The wording may not be exact].  The Correct Question - What is verdict.

There has been speculation for months about what will happen to 94.7 FM when the sale from Family Radio to Cumulus was completed.  Radioinsight reports that they applied for WRXP, thus the big speculation is that the station will be alternative rock.  A few of the amateur radio executives on the message boards think it could be a decoy.  I hope it will be country music.

Carmelo Anthony was suspended for one day for his misbehavior after the Knick-Celtic game on Monday night.  These jerks make millions a year and then act like children.

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