Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Random Thoughts at the Beginning of the Year

Today was my first day back at work at the  NJIT Library.  The place was virtually empty.  I thought there would be some international students doing some research, but there was hardly anybody there.

The CBS Sports Network made its debut today nationally.  In NYC it is now heard on WCBS-FM HD3, but since there are so few HD radios out there the station will not have much impact.  There is speculation that this station will go to 94.7 FM once that frequency is sold.  There are now 3 English and one Spanish language sports stations in NYC.

There have been some significant format changes in Boston.  101.7 FM is now playing electronic dance music.  The station at 96.9 FM just dropped it talk format and is playing contemporary music.  The posters on the radio message boards say that this is a temporary format.

Right now I listening some clips of FM radio in NYC from 1970-83 posted by Bob Goodman on Facebook.  I really wish that terrestrial music would sound like that today.

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