Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mark Simone leaves WABC for WOR

Before you read the rest of the entry, I found out from a reliable source that Mark Simone is not married.  That is likely what you want to know.

Allan Sniffen reported today on the New York Radio Message Board that Mark Simone resigned from WABC radio and will be on WOR from 10 AM to 12 noon weekdays.  This obviously means that the Saturday Night show will be going off the air.  I will try to make my remarks as objective as possible.  I was an avid listener of Saturday Night Oldies for about the first 3 1/2 years of its run.  It was a good mix of oldies music, interviews of music personalities, and nostalgia talk.  After a while many of the features like the fake break (old commercials) became stale.  The show was rebranded as the Saturday Night Show with less music and more entertainment talk.  At this point many avid listeners including myself lost interest in the show and stopped listening.

There was an official message board associated with the show and an unofficial board on Yahoo which I feel generated some animosity among listeners who agreed or disagreed with features of the show.  To make a long story short Mark Simone was very nasty and abusive to me which led me to stop listening to that show. Cousin Brucie is a "radio mensch" on Saturday nights while Mr. Simone was very much a coward by assuming a false identity on the Yahoo board and bashing many people including myself.  There were some other issues that I will not discuss here.

The show served its purpose by putting oldies on terrestrial radio for 4 hours a week after WCBS-FM was hijacked in 2005.  I feel that it served its purpose, took its course, and should have been retired a few years ago.  It was quite sad that a difference of opinion among those who liked and disliked the show created some animosity.

I stand by the remarks that I have just made.

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Makes sense said...

It is simply not possible that he is 48 as I heard him on wmca in 1977 which would mean he was 8 yrs old at the time. He apparently doesn’t want to admit that he’s in his 60s for personal or professional reasons.

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