Thursday, January 17, 2013

If This Then That And Other Things

This week when I went to a professional conference at the Metropolitan New York Library Council I learned about a service called If This Then That ( .  It allows a person to do two things at once on the internet.  As of now I have chosen 3 operations:

  • If I add an entry to this blog then a link will appear on my Facebook page
  • If I receive an e-mail on my Gmail account, then that e-mail will be forward to my AOL e-mail account
  • If I update my status on Facebook, then the same message will appear on Twitter.  I will have to check what happens if the Facebook statement is more 140 characters
There are many other operations that can be done.

I am still experimenting with the Wordpress software and slowly getting the hang of it.  I finally figured out how to include a photo in a text entry.  I still feel more comfortable with Blogger.  Check it out at

For some time I have had an account on Tumblr.  I added one entry today at  Do I really need a 4th blog.

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