Saturday, April 21, 2012

Some Birthday Thoughts

I think my readers are smart enough to figure out my age.  Anyway, I was listening to Sue O'Neal on WCBS-FM this morning who announced that today is also the birthday of Queen Elizabeth and a certain oldies radio enthusiast who is exactly 10 years younger than I am.  Anyway, we live in a youth orientated culture.  So many movies and and TV show are geared to people under 35.  Much of the music that I like from the 1960s is no longer played on the radio, because it appeals to older people not swayed by advertisements.  I happy to be celebrating with Karen and Lee by going to see the Broadway show Spiderman.  I will write a review that will appear tonight or tomorrow.  I am grateful that my mother is living at the age of 92.  I will visit her tomorrow.

As I get older Touch of Grey by the Grateful Dead strikes closer to home.  "We will get by.... We will survive. I am not grey as Jerry Garcia is in this video.  If you check recent photos of me, there is only a "touch of grey." Thanks to all who wished me a happy birthday on Facebook.

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