Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mets 7 Braves 5

It was our first trip to Citifield in this 50th anniversary season of the New York Mets.  Since I have been with the team through the good, bad, and mediocre years, I thought I should buy a t-shirt with the logo seen above.  After I bought three for the entire family at the team store, we went up to our seats in section 509 in the Promenade level.

Most predictions for the Mets this season were for a 90 loss season, so I came to the game with low expectations.  The Mets had a 7-0 lead after 6 innings.  At that point  Jonathan Niese had not allowed a hit.  Throughout their history, the Mets have been known for excellent pitching, but there have been no no hitters by Met pitchers.  The Braves broke the no hitter and rallied for 4 runs in the 7th inning.  Brian McCann hit a solo homer in the 8th bring the Braves two runs behind.  Could this be another collapse?  Frank Francisco closed the door in the 9th to gain his third save in 3 games.

I am pleased that the Mets won their first 3 games, but it is very long season.  Things will even out in the long run.

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