Saturday, April 28, 2012

Random Thoughts of the Day

I am going to see the Yankees play the Detroit Tigers today. If Delmon Young plays, I will boo him loudly. It is a privilege to be a professional baseball player. He should be suspended and be forced to go for sensitivity training.  These athletes make millions of dollars and should never make racial, religious, or ethnically insensitive remarks.

New York Times article

There will be big changes in the New York radio dial.  I will give a condensed version since so much of this has been discussed.  ESPN radio will take over 98.7 FM and will simulcast on 1050 until September when a Spanish version of ESPN will be heard on 1050 AM.  98.7 Kiss and WBLS FM will "merge".  All the the "experts" on the various radio message boards predicted ESPN would buy 94.7 FM.  Anyway, it is said to see 98.7 Kiss go after a classic soul format for 30 years.  I believe that sports formats should stay on AM, but it is the trend in many major markets that sports talk stations are moving to FM.  I hope that WFAN will not move to 92.3 FM as predicted by many amateur radio executives who post on message boards.

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