Saturday, April 7, 2012

Random Thoughts of the Day

My comments will be quite mundane.  I don't think anyone will hit this entry on Google.

It can be a nuisance to bring my car in for servicing.  I never like to sit at a service station to wait for the work to be done.  There is a Mobil station near my home in Flushing at 20th Avenue and Parsons Blvd.  I brought my car in for a state inspection and oil change today at 8 AM.  At 8:45, Carlos the service manager phoned me to say that job was done.  That is really good service.  My car is now 12 years old, but has only 47,000 miles.  It is certainly in good condition for a car that old since the mileage is low and since I keep in a garage.  But as a car ages, things wear out and must be replaced.

Later in the afternoon we went to downtown Flushing to do some shopping.

I pleased to see that Mets have won their first 2 games.  I think Alan Berman has brought the team some good luck.  We are going tomorrow to see Jonathan Niese pitch.  Hopefully, the winning will continue.

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