Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Some Personal Radio Memories

I hope that nobody is disappointed because this post is not about j---- d---- . I have recalled several memorable personal moments from the radio over the years and would like to share them with readers of Bruce’s Journal. Some of them were recorded on tape while a few are available digitally. I am listing them in no particular order.

1. Harry Harrision on WCBS-FM announced Lee’s Bar Mitzvah in 2001. We played the tape at his reception. Every year Harry announced Lee’s birthday.

2. Lee’s birth was announced on Bob Shannon’s show on WCBS-FM after What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong. Bob said “what a wonder world when we can welcome a brand new listener.” Lee has listened to the station since then except for the Jack years.

3. Cousin Bruce Morrow thanked me over the air on his Sirius/XM show for starting a Facebook fan club for him.

4. Sue O’Neal on WCBS-FM read the 3 songs that I voted in the Top 500 survey. Radio enthusiast Andrea Wiener sent me the recording. She unfriended me on Facebook since I am not in the radio business.

5. Brian Matthew on BBC2 played my dedication of I Couldn’t Live Without Your Love by Petula Clark for our mutual birthdays a few years ago.

6. Some years ago I requested Nikki Hoeky by PJ Proby on Brian Matthew’s show. NJIT Professor Reg Tomkins heard it in England.

7. I phoned WABC and sang the Car 54 Where are You Theme. I no longer listen to this show.

8. I regularly listen to sports talk on WFAN, but was never a fan of Imus either when he was on WFAN or now on WABC. One May 23rd my clock radio was on WFAN in the evening. The next morning just as the radio went on Imus said “Today is Bob Dylan’s birthday.” Karen and I laughed as we woke up.

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