Monday, October 18, 2010

5th Anniversary of Bruce's Journal

October 15th is the 5th anniversary of Bruce’s Journal. I have written just over 1500 entries covering topics from the ridiculous to the sublime. I use an anecdotal approach to often report on what I do with my family. Often, I use the journal to vent my frustrations. People who read it with some degree of regularity should know my favorite singer/songwriter, team and TV show. I guess I find it easier to express myself in writing than I do verbally. People have accurately described me as terse.

I never intended to offend anyone through my journal entries. I probably have been guilty of some minor indiscretions, but we all make mistakes at one time or another. I just wish that if I wrote something wrong, please tell me, not blab it around to others. This journal is not Facebook where I can have privacy settings. Anyone can search it with Google or other search engine. I use Google Analytics to observe how my journal is accessed. People from all over the world have accessed it. On the average it gets on 15 hits a day with some peaks and valleys. It is certainly not the Huffington Post. Many got there by accident while others know me. I keep my work related comments at .

I welcome anyone to stop by here whether they know me or not. The only thing I ask is not to stab me in the back.

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