Sunday, October 3, 2010

Social Network - The Movie

The title of this movie and the promotion of it is a little misleading.  "You don't got 500 million friends without making some enemies" implies that the movie will consider some of the problems encountered by Facebook users today.  The movie goes back to 2003 at Harvard University when Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook.  Some of his Harvard friends believed that he stole the idea from him.  After I saw the film I remember how that it was originally aimed at college students.  The viewer sees how the service grew and how the legal disagreements were settled.  Thankfully for me there were no court room scenes.

If you go to this movie with the expectation of seeing misunderstandings caused by friending and unfriending people you will be disappointed.  If you are a Facebook user you will enjoy seeing how it started and developed.

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