Friday, October 22, 2010

Interesting observation on the way home Thursday evening

Since I have a long commute I always bring reading material with me. This morning I completed a book about sports business, but on the way home I read issue #2 of Montague Street: The Art of Bob Dylan a journal edited by Nina Goss. If you are interested you can check it out at . I remember when I brought issue #1 I got stuck in a long train delay. There were no train delays on Thursday, but as I was thumbing through the issue there was an advertisement for a Bob Dylan Theme Restaurant called Zimmys located in Hibbing, Minnesota. When I got home I told Lee about and he wanted to go there. Maybe someone should open a Bob Dylan theme park in Hibbing as a tourist attraction.

Anyway, I got off New Jersey Transit and walked through the Long Island Railroad corridor toward the 7th Avenue subway line. Ther are always throngs of people there during rush hour. I passed by a young lady who was wearing a purple t-shirt which said:

I’m Busy

Read My Blog

This amused me after the events of the past week. The message implied that this girl just didn’t want to talk to anybody, but felt more comfortable communicating through her blog. At times, I feel more comfortable communicating in writing, but like to talk to people as well. I’ve said this before and I’ll repeat it, if anything in this blog offends readers for any reason they can get in touch with me by posting a comment. I read them all the time and will usually post them.

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