Saturday, June 12, 2010

Paul Vernon - Facebook friend of the day

Today, I reconnected on Facebook with my old buddy from Forest Hills High School, Paul Vernon. He seems to be enjoying himself at a swimming pool in the photo above. I best remember Paul since we went to so many New York Knick games back in the mid 1960s at the old Madison Square Garden at 8th Avenue and 50th Street. Back in those days we were able to get tickets for games for $1.25 with our high school G.O. cards. There were even all NBA doubleheaders on Tuesday nights there. Those were the good old days when the Knicks had:
  • Willis Reed
  • Dick Barnett
  • Em Bryant
  • Cazzzie Russell
  • Dave Stallworth
  • Butch Komives

Back then the Knicks were mediocre at best.

I remember that in Spanish class Paul would wiggle his ears at me. One of our classmates with Ron Chernow who is now a famous writer. I even remember some of teachers:

  • Antoinette Giusto - Spanish
  • Harvey Pollack - Physics
  • Morris Wigler - Chemistry
  • Arthur Lazerus - Advanced Science
  • Anna Sullivan - Mathematics

Those were the days.

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