Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mr. Lee wants to meet Mr G.

Mr. G (real name Irv Gikofsky) has been the weatherman on the morning show on WCBS-FM since the Harry Harrison days. I believe that for the two years that the station was hijacked he appeared on Mix 102.7 FM. He is also on WPIX-TV.

Lee just loves it when Mr. G comes on the air at 6:20 AM. Very often a version of Mr. Lee by the Bobbettes is played as he is introduced by Dan Taylor. Other times he is introduced by a modified version of the Mister Ed theme. "Hello, I'm Mister G."

I bought tickets today for the CBS Radio Expo to be held this Saturday at Yankee Stadium. Lee said he was most anxious to meet his favorite weatherman. "Schlep the umbrella!"

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