Monday, June 21, 2010

Jay Buckley Baseball Trip Final Comments

If you are a baseball fan, this trip is for you. Don't go if you like vacations when you can sit around the pool. People can certainly take similar trips on their own, but Jay arranges the hotels and transportation for you. His getting the hotel rooms at a group rate, certainly saves money. He has run these tours for 28 years, so it is safe to say that he is successful. Many people have taken several of his tours. Laura Nygaard has been on 25 tours and visited about 46 stadia. There is great camaraderie among the people on the bus. Many have kept in touch for years.

The tour is very fast moving. It can be a little tough to travel all day, see the game, go back to the hotel, go to sleep, eat breakfast and travel to the next city. St. Louis was the only stop where we had a little time to tour the city. I would have like to have spent more time in Chicago, Minneapolis, and Kansas City to see museums and other attractions.

What was the worst part of the tour for me?

Missing Jeopardy for the week. I guess I could have recorded it, but didn't. It didn't go off the air. I also enjoy checking out the radio stations when I visit a city. I had very little time to do it on this trip. I did it in Chicago and on the bus ride through Iowa.

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