Friday, December 25, 2009

Resting at Home Today

I drove to Cunningham Park this morning with Lee. We knew that snow would still be covering the basketball court, but we would just walk around. The Parks Department plowed a path on the concrete area so people could walk or jog.

We walked over to the local multiplex to see Avatar in 3D. I was really surprised to see the theater was so busy on Christmas Day. I would think that the kids would stay home and play with their new toys, but I guess people want to get out of their houses on a cold day.

When we got home we dug out some out videos of one of the 7 things that keep the Slutsky family together. We saw a few episodes of Car 54 Where Are You? Lee was laughing like crazy at his favorite TV character Gunther Toody. Readers of this journal may remember that a few years ago I sang the Car 54 theme over the radio. This clip is about 4 1/2 minutes, but my singing comes in at about 1:15

You can hear the offical version at

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