Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Knowing the NYC Subway System Helps

On the way home tonight I entered the subway system at the 7th Avenue and 34th Street station. It is especially crowded close to Christmas with people schlepping luggage and packages. When I reached the platform there were 6 people deep waiting for the uptown 1,2, and 3 trains. It was obvious that there was a delay in service although there were no announcements made. I decided to take the #2 train downtown to 14th Street since I knew there was a transfer to the Sixth Avenue F train. I had to walk a long distance through an underground corrider to get the F which I took to Roosevelt Avenue and 74th Street in Queens where I transferred to the #7 train. My delay was only 10 minutes.

I really lucked out this morning on New Jersey Transit since the power was turned off between Newark and NYC at 8:45 after I had arrived at work. It seems that there are numerous delays after a snowstorm.

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