Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ipod Nano vs iPhone

From what I understand there are Ipods that hold up to 160 Gigs of music. My Ipod nano and iPhone each have 8 gig disk drives. The Nano inlcudes only music recorded by Bob Dylan or covers of his songs. I really like using the shuffle feature and hope that I get a good blend of covers and original recordings. I only have 557 songs on the nano with about 2.3 gigs of space left.

I found out that the 8 gigs on the iPhone must hold the apps and music. I would rather save the disk space for the apps, so the playlist will only includes Beatles songs or those by John, George, Paul, and Ringo after the group split. I think I know the basics of how to use the iPhone. It will likely take me time to learn the idiosyncracies of te device. Again I hope my readers will send me apps that they think are useful.

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