Saturday, December 12, 2009

2009 Oldies Meet and Greet Today

I went through some grief in the planning of the 4th annual meet and greet of oldies enthusiasts at Ben's Deli in Manhattan. If anyone is interested, please contact me privately since anyone can read this post. Above is yours truly with Alan Berman, the Dean of oldies listeners wearing his WMCA sweatshirt. This annual gathering is Alan's pride and joy. At 6:50 PM tonight Alan and I had a good belly laugh about something unrelated to today's event. About 30 people came which is somewhat lower than turnouts in the past. I think many people couldn't come since they were busy preparing for Christmas. Bob Radil and Joe Accardi who do oldies shows on WNHU-New Haven and WTSR-Trenton, respectively, came. I try to listen to parts of Bob's show which I have discussed in this journal. I will have to try to find some time on Sunday mornings to listen to Joe. We all had a good time. I think it is the quality not the quantity of people coming to an event which is more important.

My Facebook friends can find the photos that I took on my wall. Others can see them at

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