Sunday, December 20, 2009

More random thoughts with snow on the ground

Last night as I was listening to Cousin Bruce I glanced at the current issue of Goldmine Magazine which featured Creedence Clearwater Revival. I then accessed and saw that an MP3 version of their greatest hits album with 20 songs was available for download for only $5. I still prefer to get CDs the old fashioned way but this was too good a deal to pass up.

It started to snow steadily last night and ended this morning with an accumulation of about 10 inches in Queens. It snowed on the wrong day of the week since if today was a work day, NJIT would have likely closed. We were planning to take the subway to Madison Square Garden to see college basketball with St. Johns meeting Hofstra in the holiday tournament. Since the #7 Flushing line is mostly above ground, I was afraid there would be problems getting into Manhattan. I really don't want train problems on weekends, when I have enough during the week. We'll see enough basketball this season.

We walked over to the multiplex and saw the movie Armored. We decided to wait until Christmas Day to see Avatar. We saw the end of the Jet game as they lost to Atlanta 10-7. We switched to the MSG network and saw the second half as St. Johns beat Hofstra 72-60.

Back to work tomorrow as I have to hang in ther until Thursday.

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