Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ipod Dock for the iPhone

I am still getting adjusted to the new iPhone today. I expected there to be a learning curve involved with a new gadget. I visited my mother for a little while this morning and she was not impressed. She had gotten a cell phone a few years ago, but hardly used it and returned it. I have seen plenty of senior citizens using them over the years. I bought the Ipod dock as seen above so that I can hear Sirius/XM and other radio programs on the iPhone in other parts of the house. There are different attachments for different products sold by Apple. It also worked with my iPod Nano.

We found out that there is a little switch on the left which can turn off the ringtones completely. You can assign a different ringtone for each person on your list. When I get more adjusted to it I'll have to try to download ringtones. Maybe I should surprise Karen and have Like a Rolling Stone as my ringtone.

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