Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Multitasking on a Weekday Evening

Let me report what I did tonight after returning from work.

1.  I turned on the CD player and finished the WFUV CD which I got from them after my yearly donation.  After that I started Levon Helm's new CD, called Dirt Farmer.  Levon belonged to the legendary Band.  One of these days I'll have write an entry about The Band.

2.  Karen, Lee, and I watched Jeopardy.  I think I documented my interest in Jeopardy in this journal.  Absolutely nothing stops me from watching Jeopardy.  I will never answer the phone while I am watching it.  Thank goodness for VCRs

3.  I surfed the Web.  Wrote and recieved e-mails from Alan B, Jeff S, and Dave D,

4. I phoned my mother.  Since she is 88 years old, I make it my business to call her once a day.  You never know what could happen to an elderly parent.  She had a little cold.

5.  I received a phone call from Alan B, world's greatest Saturday Night Oldies enthusiast.

6.  I watched Channel 13, the local PBS station that I had a show featuring Eric Clapton and other Blues guitarists.

7.  I downloaded the lastest Theme Time Radio Hour featuring songs about dreams

8. I worte a comment to Dave D's new journal

9.  I wrote this entry in my journal.

10.  In about 15 minutes I will turn off the computer and listen to Ron Parker on WCBS-FM.

11.  At 11:00 PM I will watch the TV news.

Then it is Zzzzz time.

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Anonymous said...

Bruce: Thank you for including me in this report. Nice to be thought of.

Regarding the way you feel about Jeopardy. I was the same way during the ABC-TV run of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire with Regis Philibin. Unless my house caught fire, I would ignore phone calls, emails, etc. I was hooked. Even tried to get on several times. Was never called back. What might have been. Bruce, you may have made a terrific lifeline.

I do hope your mother will feel better quickly and it's good you call her regularly.

I rarely play CD's while I'm home. I used to but there isn't much time these days.

Bruce, our friend: Alan Berman asked if he had the capability to respond to our respective posts and I said yes. His issue was not having AOL and Verizon instead. As far as I know, anyone with a computer can post a reply.

Have a good evening and stay safe!

Dave DuBrow

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