Saturday, November 24, 2007

Mark Simone made friends with me on Facebook

Facebook is a social networking site on the web.  At first it was usued exclusively by college students but now anybody can sign up.  When I logged in today I was surprised to see that WABC's Mark Simone asked to be my friend.  How can I say no.  I noticed that Mark had also made friends with Saturday Night Oldies enthusiast Pete Ritzert.  I know that Frank D and Alan B, two of the shows biggest fans also read this journal.  Anyone can join Facebook at .  You can make friends with me, Mark or anyone of millions of members.

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wnewfm1027 said...

Bruce, once again, congratulations on the addition of Mark Simone from WABC
to your ongoing blog.

After examing a number of your posts, I have come to find you to be a very
articulate, intelligent and humorous guy.

Your observations are usually dead-on and it's a pleasure to read.

Dave DuBrow

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